Mobile Application


a. Minimum Intermediate with Mathmatics, Physics, Computer/Chemistry

b. Having a Personal Computer (with good specifications)

c. Able to read, write and understand the English language

Duration: 3 Months
Total Hours: 48

Classes: 2 days/week

Timing: 2 hours/day

Course Description:

According to GitHub, Dart was the fastest-growing programming language in 2019, making it a very valuable language to learn. It is a Google-developed, platform-independent, open-source, and object-oriented programming language that comprises a range of useful features for a software developer. such as a collection of design features, dynamic typing, interface, classes, and optional typing. After completing this course you can create and publish open-source projects using Dart. Dart is developed for both servers and browsers.

Course Objectives:

Dart is the language behind Flutter: Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful and fast native apps for iOS, Android, web, and beyond. With Dart, you can build Flutter apps across all these different platforms with a single codebase. This course will prepare you for this, by covering the more advanced Dart features that are needed to build complex Flutter apps.